Self Pleasure: Going Acoustic

Self Pleasure: Going Acoustic

Masturbation is one of the best forms self love. Over 80% people do it, but still its considered extremely taboo. While toys are great, knowing how to go acoustic (self pleasure with your hands) is a skill many women have yet to master. Here are a few tips to get you there, and all you need are your digits.

How to love yourself with your fingers 

Everyone's body is different which is why exploring with your hands is important. Start by tracing your fingers down your body and massage the outside of your thighs and work your way towards the center. Masturbation is not just about touching your clitoris. On your own you can stimulate your erogenous zones. Using any combination of your fingers and find what feels good to you. Pressure, amount of digits used, etc. Be as soft or hard with yourself as you want to be. Circular motions around your clitoris might get you going or more penetrative massage is more your speed. Squeeze your Kegel muscles together with each stroke and you’ll get to the finish line in no time.  

Don’t rush the ending 

Breath is necessary for climax. If you find you are clenching your jaw or tensing your body in order to finish, try taking a deep breath instead. Masturbation can be frustrating when you are focused on the end goal because the pressure begins to mount. Just follow what feels good and you will get there. If you need help, play oil helps to relax the muscles to make climax easier. 

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