Period related body dysmorphia PMS edition

Period related body dysmorphia PMS edition

Hormones are a tricky thing. They can determine how we feel about ourselves, and of course they do determine how we look and present to the world. But for those of us with extreme PMS or PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder), the dysmoprhia - or seeing ourselves different from what we actually look like, can be extreme.

When I am on my period I can feel ugly (by societies standards), haggard, I feel I look older, bigger and overall less attractive. But why? It turns out the body dysmorphia is directly related to a hormone drop. Particularly the drop in estrogen which is seen as the sexy femme hormone. 

According to health line ‘Some small-scale studies have found a link between periods and body dysmorphia. A 2013 study of 44 females measured how participants perceived their body size during each phase of the menstrual cycle. The “largest perceived body size and highest body dissatisfaction” occurred during menstruation.’. 

This isn’t a shock to us though. Just a general consensus of your friends in the car during your cycle could have told you this. 

For some of us- this majorly blows and screws up our entire lives for a week so what can we do about it? I have noticed supplementing at the right time of my cycle, during ovulation and throughout the phase before my period (luteal phase) has helped me to avoid the major crash of hormones that has plagued me since my teens. And of course, eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies and avoiding foods that spike blood sugar can help avoid pre period crashes. 


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