Is this normal: Bacteria in period blood?

Is this normal: Bacteria in period blood?

Bacteria is a normal part of life, and yes, your period blood does have bacteria after it exits the vagina during your period. You do not have to be worried, but you should be aware of what is healthy and 'normal'.

Some signs that you have excess bacteria can be rotten, fishy smells, or very metallic smells on your pads, period underwear cups or tampons. Blood bacteria can come from the tissues and vaginal canal as the blood exits your body. This is actually normal! During your period, your vagina is generally more moist, so bacteria can grow much easier.

The best practices to keep bacteria at bay are to 

1. Wash your hands before inserting tampons, or changing pads

2. Sanitize cups and undies before wearing them and in between all uses

3. Change products often, and always use products with the correct absorbency

This is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about! It happens to the best of us from time to time!


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