Hispanic Heritage Month: Featuring our Founder Valeria Emanuel

Hispanic Heritage Month: Featuring our Founder Valeria Emanuel

What are your families origins?

My mom was born in Ria Abajo, Panama. My family moved to usa in the 1980s! We are now mostly based in west Los Angeles.

Culturally, how was menstruation DISCUSSED in your family?

Periods were not talked about, but they also were not hidden. my mom would tell us she was bleeding and ask us to get her a pad from under the sink. She also had really hard periods. I saw her in bed many days during her cycle

I think my mom was hands off when it came to periods because sexual health in general was taboo!

Where she is from is very Catholic, and all I was told is what not to do with my body. I actually didn’t know to it worked until sex ed in the 8th grade!

Do you consider your cycle ‘normal’?

No, actually! I come from a family of heavy bleeders. I recently got checked and found out I have ovarian cyst... still not sure what to do about them.

I can cycle synch all I want but my cycle is pretty heavy and painful.

Luckily it does not make me bed ridden like it used to before I learned how to eat healthier and cycle synch!

What is your favorite Rif Care product?

Period undies! And overnight pads.

Since I am a heavy bleeder those are my most used products and on my first days when I want to go hours without worries I wear both a pad and leakproof undies.

Also love our new tampons. they are so easy to use because they have no applicator and surprisingly i have never had a leak. all tampons used to make me leak so we definitely did something right with these!


I am so happy you all get to know me better and you can use code Heritage for 15% off anything through October 15th for Hispanic Heritage Month!

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