A 'Normal' menstrual cycle

A 'Normal' menstrual cycle

What the heck is a normal menstrual cycle anyways?

You know when you go to the doctor and they ask you when your last period was? The reason this is the first question they ask you is because that information is extremely important. Many people don’t remember when their last period was, how many days it lasted or when is going to come again. Many of my friends are in this category!

I however am in the category of extreme cycle awareness. This is possibly because in my previous long-term relationship I used the coitus interruptus method as my primary method of birth control. As you can tell by my child it’s not always effective. I’m also super in tune with my body because about six years ago after giving birth to my daughter I wanted to start understanding my hormones. 

Many people are trying to get towards a 'normal' cycle, for conception, pregnancy prevention and so many other reasons.  But did you know more than half of the people surveyed don't have a 'regular' cycle?! When we put labels on things that pertain to women’s bodies as far as how they should function or look this does cause insecurities. This is because normal is truly a range. 

Dialogue around normal and abnormal periods and hormones and how do use your cycle tracking to your advantage are still not normal conversations, some viral Tik tok videos are waking people up to the fact that we even have a hormone cycle. The best way to make your period to feel more normal is to empower yourself by tracking it and also being aware of how you feel before and after your period. Hormone cycles say so much about your body- so listen to them! 

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