Pelvic Floor Exercises for a tighter V and Core!

Pelvic Floor Exercises for a tighter V and Core!

Ever wonder why pleasure seems like it's impossible? It's not your fault. Many times we have trauma such as those from birth, health issues or even abuse. Sometimes its because we do not quite know our bodies, or are partners are not ready to take care of our needs the way we want them to.

For those of us who have a hard time feeling like we can get to orgasm, we found a video we know you will love! We love this video by POOSH that our founders have been doing daily. Watch it and then DM us in a month and tell us how much better you feel! 

What you'll need

1. Weights

2. A balance ball

3. A large core stability ball

The exercises in this video will all help with the pelvic floor. Once you get in touch with this and strengthen it, pleasure will feel easier! 

If you feel your pelvic floor is weak, try these period undies to prevent leaks while you workout. Now get sweating!

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