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Period Leakproof Underwear PFA-Free

Period Leakproof Underwear PFA-Free


These leakproof period underwear were designed to to keep you dry from day to night, up to 10 hours of protection. 

These absorb up to two regular tampons or two regular pads worth of blood.

  • Made with Custom Natural Fiber Blend: We use high quality custom designed blend of regenerative hemp fiber, organic cotton, and tencel (Eucalyptus) fibers. 
  • Mid-Rise Fit with Sexy Side Panel Detail: Perfect fit for all shapes and sizes with mesh side panels and scallop trimmed edges 
  • Super Absorbent is Standard: One pair of period underwear can hold up to 2 regular pads or 2 regular tampons worth of blood.
  • Reusable and Beyond Sustainable: Simply machine wash cold and air dry to use each and every cycle. 
  • Safe for Every Body: No PFAs, SAP, titanium dioxide, chlorine, bleach or harsh chemicals. 

Period Underwear Composition: 

- Body: 38% Hemp Fiber, 32% Organic Cotton, 25% Tencel (Eucalyptus), 5% Spandex. Side Panels/Trim: Nylon. Inner absorbent: Recycled Polyester.

For light bleeders: Can be worn for all day protection

For moderate bleeders: Can be worn up to 8 hours and changed or all day as backup for tampons, pads or cups

For heavy bleeders (can bleed through a heavy pad in 4 hours or less): Can be worn up to four hours on heavy days and changed. These are also the perfect back up for pads, tampons or cups if you tend to bleed through quickly. 

Use soap to cleanse. Wash with your regular clothing in a lingerie bag in warm or cold water or hand wash. Hang dry or dry in a garment bag.
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