Menstrual Hemp Pads- Rif Care

Rif, The Worlds first Hemp Fiber Period Products!

Coming soon… Hemp period products!

You read that right… 2022 we are taking on the feminine hygiene industry. Last year we began production on Rif period products. We have been working with manufacturers to make hemp fiber tampons and pads a reality.

We hope to get these items launched by Spring 2022. We are launching first with our pads and then, pads. We hope to be the first commercial ready to market Hemp fiber product company in the world.

“It is very rare to have a first to market product, and Rif has done that with our hemp fiber pads!” - founder Val Emanuel

This journey has not been easy. From supply chain shortages, to FDA regulations and COVID slowing the entire world down, we experienced this all while trying to bring these products to life. We are launching a kickstarter this fall so please follow our journey on Instagram to stay in the loop.

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