Rif Care on a ROKU reality show Side Hustlers!

Rif Care on a ROKU reality show Side Hustlers!

Have you seen and heard?! Rif Care is going to be featured on a 5 part docu-series about female entrepreneurs called Side Hustlers! Make sure to follow us along on our social channels for more behind the scenes updates. 

The show airs March 1. Will you be watching? DM us when you do!

More from Deadline magazine below

EXCLUSIVE: Supermodel and entrepreneur Ashley Graham has joined the new Roku competition series Side Hustlers, which she will co-host and executive produce alongside previously announced Emma Grede. The series airs on March 1st.

Ashley + Emma will mentor three female entrepreneurs to develop their side hustles in the hopes of quitting their day jobs to pursue their dream careers full-time. These founders vie for the chance to build multimillion-dollar companies while juggling the demands of their personal lives and day jobs. By the show’s end, Graham and Grede will decide if they will invest in any of the ideas from the female entrepreneurs, and if so, the founder has to choose whether they’re ready to quit their day jobs.

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Congratulations, ladies! Binged the show just yesterday and loved it!!! Even though I’m too old to need the products, I do believe you could move into other “necessary” personal products for us older women.

I’d love to see you think about hemp wipes, baby/toddler diapers washable and/or disposable and also adult diapers as well.

There are millions of Boomers that are aging as we speak and a large amount are in care homes and other facilities. Of course you’ll do your due diligence on any future products for Rif.

I love your entrepreneurial spirit, efforts and passion. Best wishes on your continued success!


I watched the show and truly believe it is a GOD send. I knew you two Ladies were good at what you were doing because you touched all the boxes to make it happen and fear did not hold you back. I will be purchasing a pair of the underwear for my daughter. May you both continue to grow not only in the business but in mind, body, and soul.

Cynthia Haynes

Just binge-watched Side Hustler on Roku TV! What a way to start Women’s History Month! After hearing your pitch at the mixer, I was rooting for you ladies from the start. :-) I understand all too well about the chemicals in feminine products and experienced it first hand. I wish you much success in your business journey! This show and your story inspire me not to give up as I continue to embark upon my entrepreneurial journey!!!


Saw you ladies on the show, Side Hustlers, and had to find the website. I was intrigued when reading the bio. You mentioned going to a holistic doctor and examining the amount of metals in your body. How does one find such a doctor? I live in the suburban area of New York where the Urgent Care sucks. Please share with me how one can find a great holistic doctor. Thank you dearly.


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