Did you know it takes most tampons, tampon applicators and pads up to 800 years to break down? And even then the matter it breaks down into is not great for the planet. Besides being bad for the planet plastic is also awful for our bodies and the process to make them is very chemical dependent. 

One of the best things you can do for the environment and your health is to think of the things you use the most, like skincare and personal care, period products being a huge one and see where you can go plastic free and natural. 

Our pads and tampons are 100% plastic free from product to packaging. We use plant based ingredients in our pads and tampons and the leakproof layer is 100% sugar and potato based which makes it biodegrade in less than a year. 

Our period undies are a next best choice as they are 90% plant based (the inner layer absorbent is a recycled polyester that we plan to make from biodegradable polyester in the future once our partner scales their technology! 

Rif Care is not perfect, no brand is! But, we are doing our best by being a plant forward brand dedicated to making biodegradable period products now and in the future. 

Plus all month you can get a FREE gift with purchase, biodegradable bags from our partners at Compostic with any purcahse over $25! You can find Compostic bags now at WholeFoods.



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