It's not COTTON its PLASTIC?!!?!?

It's not COTTON its PLASTIC?!!?!?

Did You Know That Period Products Had These Synthetic Ingredients in Them?

Have you ever wondered what is inside your period products? Here at Rif we only use organically grown, and organic certified non toxic fibers. but thats not always the case with other brands.

The issue is that period products are terms are "medical devices" as per the government and the manufacturers aren't obligated to reveal details regarding ingredients used in their production. Therefore, most women remain in the regarding what's inside the products they are using consistently for days each month.

But hey, what could it be? It's just cotton, right? Well, not exactly. You will be shocked to know that most of these period products are far from being cotton or 'natural'. In fact, these products contain a lot of synthetic substances made to look like cotton and toxins. Period pads are one of the biggest plastic and paraffin polluters. And not to mention the use of polyester, parabens, and undisclosed fragrances. Here is a reality of what is inside your period products

So, what is the Issue?

You might be wondering "What's the big deal about exposure to these synthetic ingredients?"

Fair enough, we are surrounded by synthetic materials from head to toe. However, something is alarming about exposure to synthetic materials through period care products. According to doctors, medicines administered through the vagina can enter your bloodstream ten times as fast as when they are taken orally. The problem is that these harmful period products are in contact with the most sensitive and absorptive part of the human body.

Therefore, period care products are a concerning exposure route that can cause issues like infertility, hormonal imbalance, and other problems. And while it is true that some of the period products are made of cotton, it is just conventional cotton. This means that, unlike organic cotton, it is grown in the presence of harmful pesticides and is bleached to achieve a bright white color.

Here is a list top 5 synthetic materials used in period care products that are harmful to your body.


These are byproducts of the bleaching process that many period products go through. These synthetic chemicals are linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, and even cancer.


Traditionally grown cotton is not only bleached but it is also grown with harmful toxic pesticides. Analysis has shown that a lot of period care products contain pesticide residue that can be extremely harmful to your body leading to reproductive toxicity.

Plastic and Plasticizers

While many companies dub their products as eco-friendly and sustainable, these contain plastic and plasticizers. Polyester is just a form of plastic with a different name. The use of this plastic is also very harmful to the environment due to its lack of biodegradability.


A lot of period products are coated with harmful products to give them a glossy look or for easy removal, like tampons. A lot of tampons are covered with parabens (not biodegradable) and polyethylene –which is straight-up plastic.


A lot of pads and tampons come in scented versions. However, we do not know where this fragrance is coming from. It can cause cancer and endocrine disruption.

It's very important to make smarter choices and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We vet our products to make sure they are chemical free and always source from organic certified farms for our cotton and hemp fiber, which are sitting on your body all day long. However, what's more important is taking care of your body. Women should stay away from period products containing synthetic materials so that they can have a better, longer, and healthier reproductive life.


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