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Organic Pads with wings - Overnight 3-pack Bundle

Organic Pads with wings - Overnight 3-pack Bundle

Go beyond organic by bundling & save up to $ per bundle! Get 3 boxes of Overnight (long) Absorbency Pads shipped directly to your door.

Upgrade your overnight self care with Rif Care's plant based hemp fiber pads! Ultra absorbent, naturally odor fighting and super soft for all night comfort. 

  • OVERNIGHT SUPER ABSORBENCY PADS: These Hemp fiber pads are ultra absorbent, naturally odor fighting and comfortable. 
  • BIODEGRADABLE LEAK-PROOF SUGAR BASED BACKING: Rif care pads are 100% biodegradable and made for comfort, with leak free protection to keep you comfortable, and dry all day long. 13 inches (330 mm).
  • REGENERATIVE HEMP FIBER + ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET: Organic cotton and hemp top sheet from organically grown regenerative, 50% hemp fiber and 50% organic cotton from Turkey.
  • RESPONSIBLY SOURCED PULP ABSORBENT: No SAP, No chlorine or harsh chemicals. Plastic Free.
  • GENTLY TREATED WITH NATURAL HERBAL OILS: Overnight pads treated with custom natural oil blend for night-time comfort and odor fighting protection.
  • MADE FOR ALL: Safe and suitable for all body types, skin types, menstrual conditions with wings to help pad stay in place for protection and convenience.

 Overnight Long 3-Pack Bundle Includes: 

- 3 Boxes (30 pads total) of Organic Overnight Super Absorbency Pads with Wings

Ingredients: Organic cotton and silky soft hemp fiber top sheet, air laid paper, responsibly sourced pulp absorbent, aloe vera leaf juice, lavender flower oil, plant based backing, plant based wrapper, biodegradable white release paper.


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