Why you'll love Rif period underwear!

Why you'll love Rif period underwear!

We have an announcement- After 9 months of planning, samples, and trials- we have finally launched our period underwear!

Why are Rif period undies different? 

1. The base is made with Hemp fiber, Organic cotton and Tencel (which comes from Eucalyptus) which makes them more comfortable, as natural materials are more breathable than undies made with materials like nylon and polyester as the base.

2. They make life easier! Period undies are perfect for overnight, fantastic for heavy bleeders, and once you have them - you'll never be out of period products!

3. They are not only for periods- period undies are the perfect post partum gift! They are great for bladder leaks, post baby wear + periods.

To try period underwear is to love them. Have you tried them before? If so, what was your experience? 


Rif Care Period Underwear natural organic pfa chemical free underwear

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