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What your period blood is actually telling you

Do you ever wonder why your period blood changes during your time of the month? Everyone’s body is different and period blood is no exception. The different hues of brown, pink and red can tell you a lot about the health of your body. Knowing how your body bleeds is important because then you’ll know when your body is experiencing something unfamiliar. Each color is unique and it’s important to note that each shade is just one factor to consider when analyzing your hormones and overall health of your body. 

Pink 💗

  • Blood mixed with cervical fluid 

  • Associated with : significant weight loss, unhealthy diet or anemia 

  • Having sex can cause small tears in the vagina or the cervix that can result in pink discharge

Bright Red ❤️

  • Fresh blood 

  • Associated with : steady flow 

  • Unusual spotting of bright red blood can be a sign of an STI like gonorrhea or chlamydia

Orange 🧡

  • Period blood mixed with cervical fluid 

  • Associated with: possible infection 

  • If orange blood is accompanied by other symptoms like vaginal itching or foul smelling odor then talking to a doctor would be recommended (always consult a doctor if it’s super itchy and smells funky) 

Brown/ Dark Red 🤎

  • Typically seen at the beginning or end of a period 

  • Associated with : Early sign of pregnancy (spotting)

  • This color happens when the blood hasn’t had a long time to oxidize

Black(ish) 🖤

  • Beginning or end of a period 

  • Associated with : Vaginal blockage 

  • Brown blood can turn into black blood because it had even more time to oxidize (oxidation = darker discoloration) 

Gray 🤍

  • Associated with : bacterial vaginosis 

  • This color is caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria

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