What it felt like to free bleed for the first time

What it felt like to free bleed for the first time

Whenever I heard about “Free Bleeding” it gave me the icks. I thought it was nasty and messy and just gross. In case you were wondering, free bleeding is the intentional menstruating in public without blocking or collecting the period flow. This basically just means that you aren’t using a tampon, pad or menstrual cup to stop your menstrual blood from free flowing. 

In today’s modern times, this seems a little hard to manage and really expensive to keep my clothes from staining. So thank goodness there are period panties available for those of us that want to try it out and save our wardrobes. Its the closest way to get the experience without staining your clothes! 

The first time I tried wearing a pair for the first time was when Rif Care got samples of period underwear. I had to try it to make sure they were comfortable and effective. It was day 2 of my period and I decided to try it. I wore it all night and when I woke up I was shocked. I slept like a baby but also I was super dry. I loved waking up and not feeling like I had a diaper on. It was magical. 

The second time I tried it on, I had to attend an event in Los Angeles. I wore my period underwear with jeans and a cute top. I was so amazed at how comfortable I felt all night. Sure there was a little anxiety about wearing something new but there’s this other feeling too that goes along with this experience.

It’s so fucking liberating!!

I don’t have to go to the bathroom every few hours to check if I bled through my clothes. There wasn’t any worry that I would have any leaks or accidents going about my day. I was more confident than ever and it felt so good to embrace my womanhood in this way. 

I know that most people are still hesitant to try period panties and I was hands down, definitely one of them. I’m so happy I gave it a try and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on some more pairs of them soon! 


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