Vitamin C and your Menstrual Cycle

Vitamin C and your Menstrual Cycle

Did you know that vitamin C could be one at the most valuable vitamins in your reproductive health journey? Vitamin C has been a holistic way to help bring on periods If they are late, but there are so many more benefits to vitamin C!

1. Vitamin C helps healthy estrogen production which helps break down the uterine lining for periods. If your cycle is irregular, consider getting some high vitamin C foods or supplements in your diet as part of your overall strategy to become more regular! Regular periods are key for healthy hormone cycles. Consider every menstrual cycle a total body regeneration and shedding of hormones and a regeneration of the body. 

2. Vitamin C can help lower progesterone. Progesterone is not necessarily a bad thing, but we all know too much progesterone can lead to bad PMS, as well as constipation- so eating vitamin C to bring the levels down is a great strategy. Also, fiber is what helps to rid the body of excess hormones, so although C pills are great, vitamin C in the form of vibrant fruits and vegetables is even better. 

3. Vitamin C can help with cramping. Vitamin C, rich fruits, like oranges can contain potassium and magnesium which can combat cramps and help lesson muscle spasms during your period. 

There are so many more reasons to love vitamin C. If you have a period it’s essential. Adding more vitamin C to your diet can be life changing!

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