Two ways to get down inflammation before your period!

Two ways to get down inflammation before your period!

The week before your period can be a hard one for many of us. Whether it’s PMS, PMDD, constipation or something else, many people experience unsavory symptoms during their luteal phase (the week before your cycle) and their menstrual phase (the bleed week). Here are a few ways you can reduce these symptoms that have come highly recommended by holistic doctors and trainers!

  1. Cycle Syncing - or changing your workouts to be less intense the week before your period and you bleed week. Gone are the days where I do Barrys bootcamp and CrossFit during my period. I have found that my pain and cramping were often intensified when I was TOO active. Being active is important, but spiked cortisol levels can cause a whole host of problems and lead to inflammation, which can lead to a worse period. A few days after ovulation I usually stop lifting heavy weights and go into my pilates/ barre mode. If I lift any weights, it’s usually 5-7 pounds and upper body. My energy is so low during this time (luteal and menstrual phase), which makes sense because of plummeting hormones, and I have found that this method of cycle synching works for me
  2. Stretch! Stretching regularly can help with lowering stress levels, which in turn lowers cortisol levels, which in turn, helps balance hormones! Stretching is one of the best forms of self care there is. We also made a video on Tiktok about how certain stretches can help with pain relief as well!


There are so many methods to get down inflammation. What are some of your favorite methods? Let us know in the comments below!

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