There’s a tampon shortage

Why are tampons harder to find than a steady relationships?


First came the baby formula shortage, then came the sriracha and helium, and now… tampons.

Unless you live under a rock or do not have a period, you may have noticed that the shelves at any pharmacy or convenience store have been licked clean by fearful consumers that they will find themself in a position of not having a tampon readily available to come to their aid during their period. 

Where did this come from? How did we get here?  

On June 7, 2022, a Time Magazine article titled “The Great Tampon Shortage of 2022: The Supply Chain Problem No One’s Talking About” brought to light the impending issue that America would shortly-after find itself in. This shortage is not entirely new as the article explained that many stores throughout the country have been experiencing a lack of or smaller quantities of tampons. This has also been reflected in a drop of tampon donations as, nationally, there is a lot less to donate to those who cannot afford these feminine products. This shortage is one of the many shortages caused by supply-chain related issues. The challenge is that companies and manufacturers are having a hard time sourcing the materials needed for these products, which is reflected in tampon pricing as “co-founder and CEO Thyme Sullivan says the cost of getting its tampons to the U.S. is up 300% from last year” (Semuels 2022). Cotton is the most common raw material used for both tampons and pads, along with rayon, and pulp. All of these raw materials are in such high demand that supply is limited, which, as previously mentioned, is reflected in price influxes. 


However, increased demand and decreased supply and shortages of materials required for the products are not the only issue at hand. There has also been large decreases in staffing, thus adding to the slowing down of production as these products do not make themselves. 


In another article from Women’s Agenda titled “The US is experiencing a tampon shortage. Here’s why” the interesting point is brought up by the CEO of TOP The Organic Project, Thyme Sullivan, that the “shortage of tampons is due largely to the fact that men run the majority of these manufacturing companies” (Tu 2022).


How come women are left in the dust? How come we are unable to provide our children and infants formula, and then thrusted into the issue of a lack of feminine products? Now, we are forced to be price gouged if we do come across the items as companies are taking advantage of limited stock by rapidly increasing their prices, knowing the general public will feel as though they have no choice but to succumb to the price influxes just in order to survive the many shortages our country, and world, is facing.

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