The Top Toxic Products You Should Avoid In Their Period Products

The Top Toxic Products You Should Avoid In Their Period Products

No one enjoys excruciating period pain, mood swings, and cramps. Since the beginning of time, we have been looking for ways to curb this pain. And almost every other period product claims to provide instant relief, but is this really the case? Turns out, most of these period products do more harm than good. According to studies, 40% of pads and panty liners contain a toxic chemical called PFAS. Short for polyflouroaklyl, these are also known as "forever chemicals" that are present in 22% of tampons and period 65% of period underwear. 

While buying period products, you should turn the box and learn your ingredients. These toxic chemicals are bad for women and their monthly cycles. Here are a few toxic period products that you should look out for 

Toxic Ingredients in Non Organic Period Products 

We have been using these products blindly thinking that they are relieving our pain and making our life easier, but if you learn what's in those products, you will know that they are better left on the shelf. In an analysis, 13 of the 22-period products were tested positive for PFAS. What's more surprising is almost all of these period products were advertised as "organic", "sustainable", and "non-toxic". 

Here are a few toxic ingredients in period periods that are harmful to your menstrual health

  • Styrene –a carcinogen that is used in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic 
  • Dioxin –a strong pollutant that is often responsible for reproductive issues and damage to the immune system. It is also cancerous and can interfere with your hormones 
  • Chloromethane –a reproductive toxicant that can cause decreased fertility 
  • Chloroform –a neurotoxic, Carcinogen, and reproductive toxicant 
  • Acetone –an irritant 

 Period Products That Are Manufactured From Toxic Chemicals 

Products you use every month may contain one or all of the above-mentioned toxins. However, not all period products are harmful. Here is a list of common period products that are manufactured using toxic chemicals 

  1. Anti-Itch Creams 

While it may provide some temporary relief, most anti-itch creams contain acetone, which further irritates your skin. Dioxins are also used in the manufacturing of period products which causes hormonal imbalance and reproductive issues. 

  1. Synthetic Pads 

Sanitary pads contain Styrene and Chloroform. The plastic-like material on your pads is a strong pollutant and also a reproductive toxicant. Instead, use pads like Rif Care that are non toxic and made with hemp fiber and organic cotton!

  1. Menstrual Cups 

Sold under the tag of sustainable, some of these cups contain Chloromethane. A study conducted on animals shows that chloromethane can cause infertility and weak sperm. 

  1. Tampons 

Tampons are no different from toxic sanitary pads and menstrual cups. Most of these products contain Chloroform and Chloromethane that are not safe to use inside or outside of the human body. 

  1. Feminine Wipes and Washes 

Feminine wipes and soaps are often responsible for infections. These contain parabens in the form of preservatives that can disrupt natural bacteria in the vagina and cause irritation. Moreover, fragrances in these washes are extremely harmful causing rashes and other skin conditions. 

It's important know that not all the period products in the world are toxic. You just need to read the ingredients and ensure that what you are using is safe for your body. 

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