Should I exercise on my period?

Should I exercise on my period?

In a recent study we came across about period self-care it stated that 45% of the respondents would avoid physical exercise during their period. Although some of us have debilitating periods that feel like they are ruining our loves, we feel that exercise can become a regular part of period self care. It can help relieve discomfort, boost mood and so much more. Don’t let your period stop you from living your best life (unless it actually does because endometriosis is real and hurts a whole lot). 


Take it Easy and Listen to Your Body

Taking a walk around your neighborhood might be all the steps you need to take to keep your mind clear and focused. Exercise doesn’t always have to be strenuous. Light activities like yoga or dance can help to keep you balanced. Think of doing light exercises on your period to help balance hormones and get your blood flowing in all parts of your body!


Pick the Right Period Product 

There isn’t a one size fits all situation when it comes to period care because we all have different bodies. We obviously are a fan of pads during our periods because it keeps us dry and comfortable during our workouts. Our Rif pads are as slim as a nickel, and the hemp in our pads is perfect for avoiding bacteria growth which can build up when we sweat and cause odor. Sometimes I would feel a little self-conscious wearing a pad when exercising at the gym but with Rif pads I know the diaper concern will never be a problem! If you are not so into pads, using a reusable option is the next best thing. Our period underwear is perfect to wear under gym clothes. They also pull in your tummy, helping with the bloating feeling most of us get that time of month.

Do you exercise during your period? If not, would you want to try?


With love, Rebecca

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