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A letter from the heart….

Hey everyone, it’s Val here, founder of RIF. This Valentine’s Day I’m single. How single? Not even answering my DM‘s single. And I’m proud of it. My energy right now is focused on being a mother and building a legacy brand that changes women’s health for the next generation. The most interesting thing about being single right now is that it’s a very conscious choice. Whenever holidays come up I think for most of us it invokes feelings of togetherness or loneliness, and Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those holidays for me. I’ve never been one to be extremely celebratory about Hallmark holidays but watching everyone on social media get flowers and gifts and lavish vacations on February 14 does tug at my heart strings a little bit. Have I had that before? Yes. Do I want that this year? Surprisingly no. 

Putting my career before my love life is a choice right now. As much as I enjoy the company of a significant other I find myself taking my friends, my daughter, and even myself on dates.

There’s something really freeing about being able to build in this moment of solitude. I spent last year mostly alone and then finding one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met. I feel very open to having that again, but at this moment my solitude feels best. Although opportunities seem to always present themselves at the end of January, as people realize they don’t want to be alone on this Hallmark holiday I’m choosing to ignore the urge to couple up just to receive a gift or a date on February 14. I know, it may seem silly but the memes and messages I’m getting from my girlfriends about February 14 are REAL, FUNNY AND TRAGIC! 
What I’m trying to convey in this letter is that you are not silly if you are single on Valentine’s Day and you were expecting something more at this time in your life. And you don’t have to make a big deal out of February 14 if you’re in a relationship and it’s just a regular Monday. If you want to do something special on February 14 and you are alone, a long bath, amazing dinner and a self pleasure session with our liquid gold PLAY is a great place to start. 

I remember selling PLAY at the farmers market and so many women said “Wow, I wish I could use that but I’m single right now”. And then my subsequent reply was always “You don’t need a man for pleasure! How can you receive something from a partner that you cant give yourself?!” It was not just a great selling tool, it was also an affirmation for life.

Although this Feb 14 I am not getting that pink and red vintage Chanel the Real Real (a girl can dream), I am giving myself and my daughter an extra  fun V Day full of self love, cuddles and heart shaped pizza. Just because. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Xoxo - Val Emanuel

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