REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH NEWS: Rodney and Temecia Jackson

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH NEWS: Rodney and Temecia Jackson

If you have not seen the news about Temecia and Rodney Jackson, the couple that chose a midwife over a hospital for an at home birth and then had their child taken away from CPS, look no further for a breakdown of the events and our take on it.

More and more women, and a growing number BIPOC mamas to be, are choosing non traditional birthing places like birthing centers and their own homes. These choses are looked down upon by society since more than 90% of new births happen in hospitals in Western countries. Non traditional births are often called reckless, dangerous, stupid, unsafe and for hippies. 

Rodney and Temecia Jackson chose to have a home birth their new baby. When the baby went to the hospital and received a jaundice diagnosis the doctor told the new mother he would call CPS if they did not do the treatment, although the family said they would do the treatment at home with their own midwife, with all the equipment. That week the police came with an order to remove the newborn from the home, and even arrested the father when he refused. They even confused Temecia's case with another mother with multiple offenses, and even when this was bought to the CPS workers attention, they refused to rectify their errors.

We understand the doctors concern for the babies health, and we also understand a parents right to autonomy. Our problem with this whole situation was the aggressiveness at which the couple was targeted, and the lack of support the parents had in all of this.

As a parent who often choses natural remedies before seeking this story really spoke to me. I know how hard it can be to be a black mama. My mom and my best friend both lost their children to forced, induced labour. Medical professionals have been proven in studies to not think of black womens pain or concerns as valid. Although this is not a blanket statement, we have to keep in mind these beliefs as we read these stories.

I will continue to share about womens rights as it relates to our health and our choices, especially when it comes to motherhood. Please share this story on stories so you spread the word! 

-Val Emanuel

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