PFAs: What You need to know

PFAs: What You need to know

What are PFAs and why should you care about them? PFAs are a lubricating chemical that is used for product line machine lubrication, stain prevention, non stick properties and more. Sometimes these are sprayed onto machines, and sometimes they are sprayed directly onto products (like the THINX lawsuit and VS panty scandal).

Why should we avoid PFAs?

Simply put, they are not safe. We know that they have been linked to cancer, fetal complications, liver disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders and other serious health issues. We also know that the vagina is one of the most absorbent areas of the body, so why would we put them there? Our company doesn't work with PFAs, and we are diligently working to make sure all of our suppliers do not as well. 

How you can protect yourself

The only way to protect yourself is by buying products produced in factories committed to clean production. How do you know this? It's harder than we think. Many companies have not asked questions about PFAS because we assumed there were no chemicals if we ordered clean, organic products. We now know we have to ask about every part of the production, including the machine its made on. 

We can assure that Rif care is on top of this, and has never added PFAs to our products- and even better we are producing leak proof period underwear without the use of PFAs in just a few weeks! Check them out here.

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