Period undies: Is my bleed too heavy?

Period undies: Is my bleed too heavy?

You may be wondering- how long can I wear period underwear and if I bleed heavy are they for me? For those of us with heavy bleeds- those of us who can change a pad every hour or two on the first few days- period underwear are a great option, especially when used in combination with other forms of period care.

Our period underwear have moderate coverage and are for what we call 'moderate bleeders'.  We do not like to use the word normal or regular since we are all different! But typically someone who can wear a pad or tampon for 8 hours without bleeding though would be moderate.

So if you are a heavy bleeder who usually bleeds through on day 1 and two what should you do?  


1. Heavy bleeders may need to change period underwear multiple times a day. In fact, I usually go through two in a day on day 1 and day- which are my heaviest days. It's annoying because no one wants to change, but to lessen the chance of bleeding I play it safe and change them every 4-6 hours. 

2. Heavy bleeders who can soak through a heavy pad in less than four hours can use period undies in conjunction with other forms of period care. Leaks happen and they SUCK. Even the best and most absorbent pad cant last 8 hours for a heavy bleeder. That is why period panties are so awesome! Forget about bleeding though your pads or tampons, or even leaking our of a cu or disk. The most fool proof way to not leak is to get leak proof undies as a backup.

3. If you cant do more than one pair, try period undies in conjunction with pads. I personally do this. Day 1 and 2 are undies with overnight pads for me. I don't wear the pads all day actually, but when I am up and out I bleed more so I use both. This way I also don't need two pairs of underwear for the day and another at night. 

The only way to know what you need is through trial. If you are a pad wearer, you may already know your limits. I know that on day 3 I can use a pair for sleeping all the way through my morning workout, and a single other pair for the entire day. I love period undies and they have been a game changer for someone like me who can soak through a diaper! 

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