Period products absorbency test have never used blood

Period products absorbency test have never used blood

Just in case you didn't hear the news, this month in August of 2023 period products were tested for absorbency for the first time using real blood. YOU HEARD ME. 

For decades water, and saline have been used to measure menstrual products absorbency. But these liquids differ greatly from menstrual period blood which is made up of cells and tissue as well, not just liquids. Why does this matter? Some people who may have once been categorized as heavy bleeders because they soaked through a pad may be 'normal' after all.

Blood and womens health have always been seen as a taboo topic, and now we see that even the products that we use and how we test them have a long way to go. 

What does that mean for us? We are currently having lab test to see the absorbency, bacteria fighting power and durability of our hemp fiber pads, but we are now trying to see - How can we get our hands on some of this blood for our test in our labs?! 

Time will tell how much we start to give a f*ck about womens health, this test is just the start on how the smallest details can affect how we think about an entire industry. We hope this helps to further the development of more comfortable and absorbent products in the future. We also hope scientist become brave in their studies of womens health and reproductive health products so that we never have to be in the dark about our bodies going forward.


Watch our Tiktok video about it here 

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