Our founder Val Emanuel in Shout out LA this week!

We had the good fortune of connecting with Val Emanuel and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Val, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
Taking a risk means envisioning something that doesn’t exist yet and making it a reality. My newest business, RIF, which is on track to be the first Hemp fiber based period products on the market, was a risk that I knew was worth it. Putting my time, energy and finances into a project that I knew had the ability to make the world a better place (socially and environmentally) was worth every risk I had to make emotionally and financially to make this a reality.

When taking a risk it is important to know your why. Are you just trying to make money? Do you believe in this project? Are you buying this stock because its popular this week or do you really want this company to grow and succeed? My best advice for anyone who wants to make big moves is to know your why and take risk according to your values.

The biggest thing I know about risk is that it is not a learned behavior. If you were educated in the typical system K-12 you are taught to operate out of the reality in front of you, so if you catch yourself in negative self talk because you are a dreamer with a big imagination and scary dreams, don’t feel bad. Just realize being practical and safe is how most of us are taught to think and we have to unlearn these limiting beliefs daily.

Being a lifetime risk taker also means dealing with a lot of failure. Lots of no’s. Maybe having to shut down a business you thought was a brilliant idea. Being ahead of your time. Having naysayers and haters. Personally risking your own finances to start something that may or may not take off. Being a risk taker looks fun until you are in it! Do not let the draw backs stop you though. The small risk will add up to huge confidence if you see the lesson in every risk.

The bottom line is taking a risk is not easy, but if you start today, one little risk at a time, whether it’s reaching out to that mentor, buying that domain or investing in that business, will be worth it.


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