Our Favorite Herbs to Ease Period Symptoms

Our Favorite Herbs to Ease Period Symptoms

Most of us have taken Aleve Midol or ibuprofen to ease period pain from time to time but did you know that there are some herbs you can take before and during your period that have the same effect? Let’s go over them.

1. Magnesium. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant that can help sooth cramps and also help you feel more relaxed which is fantastic if you have PMS. Also for many women who become irregular in the poop department because of the estrogen and progesterone dance your body does in the luteal phase (the phase of the menstrual cycle that comes before your period), magnesium can help get things moving and also aid in getting better sleep. Win-win!

2. Chaste Berry-  If you are dealing with major symptoms of hormone imbalance, this supplement can help to balance you out. I found out about this amazing plant when I had a friend who was hormone tested and learned she was VERY low estrogen. Chaste berry helped her with acne, mood, and having a regular cycle. Chaste berry is known to help balance hormones as well as make period symptoms easier, but of course consult with your doctor if you feel your symptoms of hormone imbalance are severe as this could be a sign of a menstrual or uterine disorder.

3. Awshwaganda. Awshwaganda is an adaptogenic herb that can be taken during your menstrual cycle to help relieve cramps and also relieve stress caused by PMS. Awshwaganda can be upsetting to some people stomachs when taken with out a meal, so the best way to take it is with some food if you’re a newby. There are also many uses for the herb besides your period. Its a powerhouse!

As always, the best way to be more balanced is to get plenty of sleep and water during this period and throughout your cycle. The above are just suggestions, but nothing beats a hydrated healthy body and a good nights sleep!

Are there more tips and tricks you like to use to have a better period naturally? Let us know on Instagram or in the comments below!

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