How to have BETTER periods by Cycle Synching

How to have BETTER periods by Cycle Synching

Periods can bring mood swings, fatigue, and lots of cramps. And sometimes, you might not even feel like getting up from the bed! This happens because your estrogen and progesterone levels are really low during the menstrual phase of your cycle and right before. A drop in these hormones makes you feel lethargic, slower than normal, extremely irritable, and with heavy brain fog... However, working with and not against your hormones can make your periods better. 

Studies have shown that through proper diet and exercise, you can reduce cramps and in some people, you can even make your period flow lighter. By using the power of cycle synching, you can plan your month week by week according to your hormones and bio hack your way into a better life. Here is how you can cycle synch!

But first why should we cycle synch? Because we are over being in the passengers seat of your hormones! Cycle synching will help you understand your hormones, moods, cravings, and sex drive. 

Here is how you can alter your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to make a perfect cycle synch plan. 

How to Make a Cycle Synching Plan 

To make a cycle-synching plan, you need to understand your ENTIRE menstrual cycle. The cycle doesn't refer to one week of bleeding when you are on your period. In fact, it's the total cycle from the last day of your period to the first day of your next period. There are different phases your body goes through and during these phases, your hormones are ever changing and shifting. These hormones can affect your energy, metabolism, and mood. All of these three things are important to do everyday tasks. 

There are four phases in total: The menstrual phase is the beginning of your cycle. The follicular phase is when your ovaries produce eggs. The ovulation phase is when the egg is ready to get fertilized. The luteal phase, the longest phase of your cycle is when your uterus lining thickens and your body prepares for pregnancy. If it's unfertilized, you go back into phase one and get your period (which you should def be using organic products for).

To make a cycle synching plan, the first thing you need is to track your cycle.

You can also download cycle-synching apps to have a better idea of how your periods work. But for now, let's stick to a diary or your apple health or notes app. Simply write the date or your period, and track how many days it takes to get to your next. Assume your ovulation is in the middle. But you can also check ovulation by cervical checking and cervical mucous quality.

  1. The Winter 

From the 1st till the 7th days will be your menstruating phase aka The Winter. This is when you will be tired, fatigued, and moody. Do some light stretching and exercise to reduce period cramps. 

  1. The Spring 

From the 8th till the 11th days will be your follicular phase. Chances of conceiving will be higher at the end of the follicular phase. You will be better and more energized 

  1. The Summer

12th to 16th  days will mark the ovulation phase. With hormones at peak, you will experience energy and increased libido. 

  1. The Fall 

17th till 1st days of next cycle will mark the start of a new cycle and the end of the longest phase, the luteal phase. This is a great time to socialize, work, and be creative! You may feel the most full of energy here.

This is just an example of a cycle-synching plan. You can make your own and work according to it. The #1 thing is that you start to take control of your body and get back in the drivers seat of your cycle. 

Have you tried cycle synching? If so leave us a comment below!



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