Hispanic Heritage month with Lyssandra Guerra, Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Coach

Hispanic Heritage month with Lyssandra Guerra, Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Coach

Hello All! We want to feature one of our favorite educators on IG- Lyssandra Guerra! She is a Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Coach, the founder of Native Palms Nutrition and Pallas Pallas.

Tell us a little more about you and your roots:

My family is from Mexico. I have Aztec blood. I am currently living in Los Angeles with Bay Area roots.  

How has menstruation been seen in your family and culturally?

Historically, menstruation has been a taboo subject and a shied upon subject with (still) women suffering from period poverty and limited access. Only until recently have I been reading about how young girls are staying at home during their moon cycle and walking around Mexico City, I see feminists selling reusable pads on the streets. Hopefully this continues and we see a huge cultural and political shift.  

Do you consider your cycle normal?

My cycle is normal, yes! I became a menstrual + period expert from experiencing my own troubles and learned to sync with my cycles 5 years ago. Now I know my rhythms down to a T. As my body changes with age, I am noticing cycle changes for sure so I’m always tweaking and course correcting as I live. If I’m not too careful with what I eat or with my lifestyle during the last days of my luteal phase I can experience really intense cramps and excruciating pain. Knowing this about my body, I really slow down and nurture before my period starts.

What is your favorite product from Rif?

My favorite Rif product is the sexy comfortable period underwear!

I swapped over to period underwear at the start of covid and am so happy to have finally found the best ones! So sleek and thin, they hardly feel any different then regular undies.  

How are you practicing wellness nowadays?

I used to rely on hustle culture and pushing my limits to accomplish tasks and conform to a certain image. It was exhausting and abusive. I am so thankful for the inner transformation I’ve experienced. Every day, I embrace my body and womanhood by finding inspiration in the changing seasons of nature and the cosmos. Just like plants and our planet evolve through each season, I approach life with curiosity and have learned to appreciate the natural rhythm of my own body. I acknowledge that my body has its own unique beauty in every phase... It is truly magical when we take the time to slow down and witness it.

What would you tell your younger self about your body?

I would tell my younger self that womanhood is an incredible journey filled with growth, challenges, and empowerment. Embrace every phase even when it's so so hard, trust your intuition, and remember that your value and worth is not determined by societal expectations, but rather by your own resilience, authenticity, and ability to make your dreams come true. And… be wildly and completely YOU.


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