Hispanic Heritage Month Featuring Eli Corominas

Hispanic Heritage Month Featuring Eli Corominas

Tell us who you are and where you are from!

I am Elisabet Corominas and I am Spanish, from Barcelona, Spain.
Current Location San Diego, California.

Culturally, how was menstruation discussed?

Only talked about it with women, never with older male figures. We tend to talk about how painful it is or complain about it when we are menstruating. We don´t talk about other ovulatory phases AT ALL.

Do you consider your cycle normal?

My cycle has never been sharp regular always a couple of days early or late. I go through phases of heavy painful periods, periods where PMS and irritability are terrible and then seasons when all is well. 

What is the most uncomfortable part of your cycle and how do you deal with it?

The most uncomfortable part is when I am PMS´ing. I literally joke with girlfriends about having a monster inside of me and I tell my partner if I am rude that its not me, its the monster. hahah.
I used to be very upset at the first days of menstruation and the pain associated but if I can just be home I quite enjoy how intuitive I am during those days.

What is your fave Rif Care product and why?

I have only tried the pads and absolutely love knowing that I don´t have to worry about having chemicals in my sacred area. I can´t wait to try all the other products, I am specially very curious about the undies.

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