Hemps; Regenerative Crops

Hemp - the Queen of crops

Hemp has been around for centuries before Rif started using it in our products. The carbon sequestration and naturally antibacterial properties are only a few reasons we fell in love with this crop. Not to mention its thousands of uses. Let’s explore all of the reasons why hemp is so important for our future.

  1. What is Hemp? 


    Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is different from marijuana. A cousin, sure, but the plants are totally different! The hemp plant is grown for its agricultural by-products like fiber, concrete, batteries, textiles, seeds and oils. The main difference is that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed that alters your state of consciousness and makes you choose Dennys at midnight when you're a Erewhon type of gal. 


    Hemp is Pesticide Free 


    Hemp is grown without pesticides. Most varieties of hemp are naturally resistant to insect pests and predators. Pesticides can actually kill the hemp plant. This means that no artificial chemicals are present in our hemp products. These hormone disrupting chemicals which are found in conventional cotton can be carcinogenic, so choose organic when you can and avoid products that use pesticides if possible. 


    Hemp is Antibacterial 


    Our top sheet and the hemp in our period underwear have been proven to ward away bad bacteria better than cotton fiber. Scientific researchers have been exploring the significant antibacterial and antifungal properties of the hemp plant. There is a potential for hemp’s potential to fight against specific bacteria like MRSA and E.Coli, but can also be a warrior against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. 


    Hemp is Regenerative


    Our soil quality is deteriorating because of industrial agricultural practices, mono cropping mainly. We need good soil to grow better food and to sequester carbon! Carbon sequestration - the process of capturing, securing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) in our soil - can help us save our planet. Hemp is a super star plant and can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. This means that hemp can convert CO2 to plant goodness really REALLY efficiently. Hemp purifies our air and uses the CO2 to fix our soil! 


    Can you think of a better way to fight climate change?

    - Rebecca



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