FIVE signs your period may be abnormal

FIVE signs your period may be abnormal

Having unhealthy periods can be a sign of many underlying problems like hormonal imbalance and chronic conditions like PCOS. The best way to determine if your period is normal or not is, of course, by consulting a doctor. However, deciding whether your periods are not "normal" depends on what is normal for you. There are always hidden signs and symptoms that tell you about the health of your body and what is happening inside. While these symptoms are different for every woman, here are five signs that your period might not be normal

Sign 1: Excessive Bleeding & Clots

The very first sign of an abnormal period is excessive bleeding. If you are bleeding more than you usually expect, then this could be indicative of something. According to doctors, changing a soaked pad or tampon every three hours is a sign that you are bleeding excessively. Heavy bleeding can be a symptom of uterine structure problems like fibroids or polyps. In addition to this, women having abnormal periods pass large colts. While a clot size of a quarter is pretty normal, egg-sized clots are concerning and you should immediately consult a doctor.

If you have very heavy bleeding, you can consider using Overnight pads, which are longer and absorb more. Also period underwear, as a backup for leaks or for sleeping can be a great solution. 

Sign 2: Spotting in Between Your Periods

It is okay if you are experiencing spotting in between your usual monthly cycle, but if it is happening after every period, then this can be a problem. Doctors believe that spotting should NOT happen between your every period –unless you are on birth control. While many women overlook this, this is a sign of unhealthy periods and indicates that something is off.

Sign 3: Longer Periods


While the duration of an average period varies for different women. The length of a typical menstrual cycle, by medical standards, should not be more or less than 21 to 35 days. This is the time from the first day of your period to the next period. Bleeding in women usually lasts from 3 to six days. However, some women experience longer periods even up to 10 days. While this is nothing crazy, it is always worth mentioning to your doctor. So even if your periods are lasting 7 to 8 days, you should look into the matter and make sure that everything is alright with your body.

Sign 4: Skipping Period

Skipping one period occasionally is totally normal but if it is happening consistently, then it could mean several things. If it is happening consequently, this could mean that you are pregnant. Having irregular periods and no fixed date is also a sign that your body might be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. It is something that, while common, can be a sign of many other underlying issues.

Sign 5: Experiencing Different Periods

The word ‘different’ hardly means good. So if you are experiencing symptoms that are a lot different from how you usually feel during your period then there is something going on. However, every atypical period doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong. Perhaps you are experiencing more painful cramps, back pain, or unbearable headaches during every period for a long time. Consult a doctor if you feel like your periods are different.

All of these signs are saying something about your body, so if you relate to any of the above-mentioned signs, talk to your doctor and listen to what your body tells you.


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