FAQ: What should I know about period underwear?

FAQ: What should I know about period underwear?

Want to know more about leakproof wear? They can be used for post partum, bladder leaks plus your period! We make leakproof underwear to act as another solution for your bleed and can be used on their own or with pads and tampons as a backup.

What should I use period undies for?

Period underwear are made as an everyday solution, but most people love them for sleep or exercise as an easier solution to pads and tampons.

How much can the underwear hold?

They work by absorbing up to 2 tampons or pads worth of blood during your period.

What if I have a heavy bleed? I soak through heavy pads in less than four hours.

If you are a heavy bleeder, they can be used as backup for pads, tampons or cups or changed for a new pair or method after a few hours of wear. For your heavy days, we recommend changing more frequently or using them with other methods as a way to avoid leaks and not have to change pads or tampons as often. 

If you are a light bleeder we recommend wearing for a maximum 12 hours to avoid leaks.

Do period underwear hurt? Are they uncomfortable? I am sensitive.

Period underwear are amazing for people with pain like vulvadinia and vaginismus. People with vulvadinia and vaginismus can wear our pads as they are non irritating, but period underwear are also a solution for people going through these situations.

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