Educate to Empower the girl child.

Educating women and climate change


What if I told you that prioritizing women’s reproductive health and education could change the world? 

Of course the world needs more lady leaders, women arbiters, and female scientists that can spearhead change and those roles are achieved through higher education. But that’s not what I’m referencing. Providing women in developing countries with baseline education can change the fabric of the globe by being a part of the solution to one of its most dire threats; climate change.

A large part of the uneducated population is women. Women’s education is simply not the norm in numerous countries. But what if it was? In educating women we not only would achieve more lady leaders, women arbiters, and female scientists, but we would also give them more control over their bodies and reproductive rights. Delaying pregnancies until women are in their mid 20s gives women more time to finish school. Education gives women the tools to better understand contraception, pregnancy, sex and also gives them more time to family plan and save. Women who are educated earn more and are better able to provide for their families, and less likely to have more than two children.

Currently our planet is home to 7.9 billion people across the globe. In the next 10 years, the global population is expected to increase by one billion people. As the population expands exponentially, so does more degradation on the planet. We have all the resources we need to support more people! But we do need to make better choices as companies, and individually to support population growth sustainably. 


Project Drawdown is one of many organizations dedicated to reducing climate change that realizes the importance of women’s education. Their goal is to reach a point where the greenhouse gas emissions begin to decline. And as one of their solutions, they list women’s education.

I implore you to visit their website and read more about their programs and ways that you can help. Across the globe, and especially here in the US there are women who have the potential to change the world and all we have to do is give them the bodily autonomy to help them make better choices.



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