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Are period cramps more painful than a heart attack?

A very popular reel has been going around on IG of Sasheer Zamata claiming period cramps are as bad, or even worse than heart attack pain. The video was hilarious but it left us thinking- is this true?


I have a particularly bad period after having an IUD puncture my uterus and being unaware of this for months. My biggest change since this discovery was limiting tampon use and switching to pads and reusable underwear. I now know there are even more changes I can make to have easier periods and smoother periods, but for now, the article written by Caroline Praderio further validates the undeniable pain most women feel during this time of the month by citing Dr. Jen Gunter on whats really going on during that time of the month.


Period pain happens mostly because of substances called prostaglandins, Gunter explained in the post. They're released from the lining of the uterus and make it contract. And during these period contractions, pressure on the uterus can be just as high as it is during the "pushing" stage of labor, she added.

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