5 Signs You May Have PCOS

5 Signs You May Have PCOS


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most occurring hormonal disorders among females of childbearing age. The combination of PCOS symptoms are irregular menstruation, infertility, skin pigmentation, and excessive hair growth. If you are dealing with PCOS symptoms, you may be suffering from behavior disturbance and mood swings. Dealing with such illness can affect the quality of life you want to achieve. You need to identify the early signs of PCOS so that you can opt for the most suitable PCOS treatments. Here are the five most common signs that you may be suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.


Sign 1: Irregular Menstrual Cycle

The first sign that you may be suffering from PCOS is having irregular menstrual cycle. The duration of your menstrual cycle may vary from having periods 28 days apart that can continue for several days. On the other hand, you might have fewer than nine periods in a year. A prolonged or irregular period makes you lethargic, and moody and causes pelvic and abdominal pain. The absence of menstruation puts you at great risk of infertility and endometrial cancer. An irregular menstrual cycle is the most common sign of PCOS. Women should keenly observe their menstrual durations between each period to make sure that they are having consistent and regular periods.


Sign 2: Weight Gain

Another most observed PCOS symptom is extra body mass index. PCOS directly or indirectly affects the insulin mechanism of your body and ultimately causes weight gain even though you haven't been eating as much. You may also suffer from depression and anxiety that spike up your insulin and make you hungrier than usual. For women suffering from PCOS, loosing weight is very hard. You may notice some extra inches around your waist and pelvic region. 

Sign 3: Excessive Hair Growth

Unwanted growth of dark, thick facial hair is another ugly symptom of PCOS illness. Due to the increased effect of the male hormone called androgen, you can suffer from excessive hair growth on selective body parts like the chin and cheeks, which resemble male characteristics. Notice those small changes in hair growth patterns and consult your doctor. 

Sign 4: Skin Conditions

You should be concerned if you are suffering from continuous Acne breakouts and darkening of body parts, mostly around the neck and underarms. Irregular periods disturbs the insulin mechanism and the effect of male hormones on the body promotes skin conditions in your body. 

Sign 5: Infertility 

Having infertility due to PCOS may be the hardest part of the disease if want to conceive. PCOS primarily hinders the ovulation process and makes you skip your periods. Talk to your healthcare provider if you've been missing periods or have them occasionally. Consult your doctor as soon as possible because there are multiple treatment plans to deal with it if it is diagnosed early.

If you are feeling uncomfortable during your period, know that using higher quality products can improve your overall quality of life. Also if you are in pain and do not want internal products like cups or tampons, you can try pads or period underwear during your bleed.

If you are observing these clear PCOS symptoms in your body immediately consult with your doctor. They will guide you if the symptoms you are suffering are in fact due to PCOS or if there are other underlying problems.


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