Reproductive rights and climate change

Reproductive rights and climate change

Reproductive rights and climate change

As we face the reality that Roe V Wade was overturned and other rights like birth control are also being threatened we have to question what this means for women. Birth rates are down because women are making more money and are more educated than ever. And this is a good thing. Women having more freedom and finances leads to a more productive society. They are able to contribute to society in more positive ways when they delay having children.

Project drawdown states that educating women is one of the biggest things we can do to fight climate change.

“The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It poses threats to ways of life, livelihoods, health, safety and security for women and girls around the world.” UN women

This is not a post saying abortion is the only way for women to have better lives. We need legislation that’s better for working families and better legislation for children, who are truly an oppressed class. The cycle of poverty for many women and children begins at conception.

Here are some no nonsense action steps we can take

  1. Vote in more women who believe in no nonsense reproductive and family care.

  2. Provide no nonsense sex education and access to free birth control for all students starting at the age their bodies start experiencing puberty (middle school).

  3. Make emergency contraceptives available so women can avoid unwanted pregnancies.

  4. Have safe and legal access to abortion if necessary or desired.

  5. Create new programs that help parents, especially single parents. Early education is important for children so that women can finish school, participate in the workforce, earn more money and have more emotional support. When women have more options, they can make different choices. Right now the options for pregnant mothers experiencing poverty is bleak.


As mothers before anything else our mission is to help children. Abortion is traumatic, I know personally. We need to focus on creating a better world where women feel more supported and stable before we can even begin to talk about abortion. We hold space for women who are in states where Abortion may become completely illegal. Here are some places below that women can go to access safe care. Here are also some links for people who want to help women being forced to carry children that they can not hold space for. ›

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